About Us
Uinta Mountains Mule Deer Photo
We are dedicated fisherman and hunters who love the outdoors! Our family is big into doing anything outdoors and we want to share it with everyone.
​We started out by making our own hunting clothes and decided we wanted to share it with the world!
​Our goal is to give more than we receive. When we sell our products we donate 10% of al purchases to different charities and organizations. We like to help out many different causes.
​We like to make this a family tradition and keep these traditions going for a lifetime.
​To further introduce ourselves,
​Cody has been hunting and fishing since he was just a little guy. He has always had a love for the outdoors and over the years has become an expert in both! As the years go by he gets a thrill out of watching, teaching, photographing, and filming other people experience the thrill of catching their first fish and harvesting animals.
​Chelsea has been fishing since she was a little girl and has just recently started hunting as of 2016! She has always loved being outdoors and being in the water with the fish. She has become an expert at fishing and is now enjoying hunting. She loves the thrill of hiking, stalking and scounting for an animal to harvest. She loves taking photographs of the outdoors and all the wildlife!​​

Muzzle Loader 2016

Kamas Utah Elk Hunt
Kamas, Utah 10/10/2016