We love the outdoors and want to share our adventures with everyone. We may not always have the biggest fish or the biggest animals, but at the end of the day that is not what it is about for us. Just simply enjoying gods country with the ones we love is all we will ever need. We hope you enjoy our adventures as much as we enjoyed creating the memories!

  1. Nebo Mule Deer Photo
  2. Kamas Elk Hunt Photo
  3. Kamas Utah Elk Hunting Photo
  4. Bear River Duck Hunting Photo
  5. Herriman Mule Deer Photo
  6. Kennecot Mule Deer Photo
  7. Kamas Muzzleloading Photo
  8. Mount Nebo Mule Deer Hunting Photo
  9. Mt. Nebo Photo
  10. Float Tube Fishing Photo
  11. Jordanelle Float Tubing Photo
  12. Float Tube Fishing Photo
  13. Bountiful Pond Channel Cat Photo
  14. Bountiful Pond Photo
  15. Trial Lake Fishing Photo
  16. Silver Lake Fishing Photo
  17. East Canyon Fishing Photo
  18. East Canyon Reservoir Photo
  19. Humming Bird Photo
  20. Horse Trail Riding Photo
  21. Riding A Horse Photo
  22. Original Log Home Photo
  23. Girl With Shot Gun Photo
  24. Ruffed Grouse Hunting Photo
  25. Ruffed Grouse Hunting Photo
  26. Rifle Elk Hunt Photo
  27. Bountiful Pond Photo
  28. Photo Of Humming Bird
  29. Old Mining Home
  30. Gorgeous Sunset Phot
  31. High Country Scouting
  32. Kamas Muzzle Loader Deer
  33. Kamas Deer Hunting
  34. Utah Bull Moose
  35. Uintas Photo
  36. Jordanelle Ice Fishing Photo
  37. Atk Outdoors Elk Hunt 2016
  38. Kamas Utah Deer
  39. Kamas Utah Scenery Photo
  40. Kamas Utah Scouting Trip
  41. Samak Utah Sunset Photo
  42. Kamas Utah Photo
  43. Raccoon Photo
  44. Kamas Utah Old Mining Spot
  45. Timapanogas Summit photo
  46. Timapanogas Climb
  47. Utah Muzzle Loader Hunt
  48. Soldier Creek Side Photo
  49. Strawberry Reservoir Photo
  50. Silver Flat Lake Photo
  51. Utah Shed Hunting Photo
  52. Uinta Mountains Photo
  53. Atk Outdoors Team Photo
  54. Herriman Utah Mule Deer Photo
  55. Atk Outdoors Horse Lessons
  56. Grayling Silver Lake Photo
  57. Silver Flat Lake Reservoir Fishing Photo
  58. Atk Outdoors 2 Fish One Line
  59. Utah Camping Atk Outdoors
  60. Funny Lab Photo
  61. Strawberry Reservoir Photo
  62. Atk Outdoors Team
  63. Atk Outdoors Family Fishing Trip
  64. Atk Outdoors Small Fish Photo
  65. Atk Outdoors Scouting Trip
  66. Angry Wild Boar Photo
  67. Atk Outdoors Rifle Elk Hunt 2016
  68. Fair view Cabin fun Atk Outdoors photo
  69. Monarch Butterfly photo
  70. Herriman Bucks
  71. Utah Muzzle Loader Hunt

  1. Mount Nebo Elk Shed Photo
  2. Mount Nebo Photo
  3. Spike Elk Shed Photo
  4. Blue Grouse Mount Nebo Photo
  5. Mount Nebo Grouse Photo
  6. Mt. Nebo Elk Shed
  7. Mt. Nebo Grouse
  8. Mt. Nebo Grouse Photo
  9. Utah Mule Deer Photo
  10. Utah Mule Deer Wintering Photo
  11. Kids Outdoors Photo
  12. Utah High Country Photo
  13. Fipping Off Photo
  14. Shed Hunting Photo
  15. Mt Nebo Scenery Photo
  16. Moutn Nebo Scenery Photo
  17. Managing Director
  18. Mount Nebo Bird Photo
  19. Mt. Nebo Scenery Photo
  20. Scenery Photo
  21. Moutn Nebo Elk Photo
  22. Mount Nebo Elk Photo